Smelter Bot

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The Smelter Bot is an Enemy in The Surge.


Smelter Bot Information

Smelter Bots are mini-bosses located throughout the CREO Facility. All must be defeated to unlock the unique IRONMAUS Gear, and they also tend to be guarding assorted types of loot.





Smelter Bot Locations

Smelter Bot Drops

Smelter Bot Tips/Notes

  • To do any real damage to Smelter Bots, you must wait for the side or rear panels to open and expose its internal wiring. Unfortunately, this is usually when they are ejecting a mist of coolant that slows Warren down and prevents Stamina regeneration. It is best to get in a few attacks, then dodge back out, to avoid being caught up in the slowing mist.  If you're good at hitting while moving, it's also reasonably easy to just stay ahead of it's grinding head by circle-strafing, and just backing out of the mist when you need stamina or to avoid a ground slam.
  • Occasionally the Smelter Bot will whip it's 'neck' around. This attack has a very wide range, so be careful. It will sweep twice, the second being farther than the first. It is advisable to stay well clear when the Smelter Bot is initiating this attack, but it is possible to avoid it while sticking close.  It's other primary attack is a ground slam wherein it raises it's body up higher than normal, and then drops.  The ground slam does quite a bit of damage, and will also knock you over if you're caught in it, which tends to give the grinder head time to rotate over you for a killshot.
  • You can knock down the smaller back legs to force the Smelter Bot to stop rotating it's neck and doing ground slams - it won't stay down long, but it's good for either getting in a few good hits on an opened side panel, or a strategic retreat to regenerate stamina and heal.


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    • Anonymous

      I killed the first one in Abandoned Production after seeing the 2 in the second level to see if I could, and when I went back to the second level there was only 1, and a Shining Coin just chilling on the ground.

      • Anonymous

        Here’s a sound thing for anyone who’s having trouble keeping track

        1 short beep: lunge
        1 short 1 long: slam
        2 short beeps: Stomp
        2 long beeps: Around the world spin. Will kill in one hit if not at full health

        • Anonymous

          A 100% safe method is to just kill everything near the smelter bot, then get just close enough to lock on from a spot that it cant hit you from, then spend the next 15-20 minutes continuously firing the free drone laser shot until its dead.

          • Anonymous

            Rush to it, you will be minced by its weapon if you are too far. Just circle it and wait for the side panel to open. Don't stay too near or it will sit on you.( also don't keep attacking carelessly, you will be Flattened) You can easily destroy some back armor to out balance it and force it to use smaller replacement legs. You can damage them and cause them to spark. I don't know if that encourages it to reveal its weakspot. Save stamina, unleash when it's sides open.

            • Anonymous

              To force their side panels to open use your vertical attacks. For instance, on keyboard and mouse it's Right Mouse Button. To kill the one in Resolve Biolabs (the one standing on acid) get Elite Hazard Legs ( from enemies on the next level, i.e. the UTOPIA Project area where you find Dr. Gene Barett.

              • Anonymous

                It has a third attack where it lunges its neck straight out. It is very easy to dodge, but it has much longer range than its spin attack.

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