Secret Assassin Gear

Goliath Class

Secret Assassin Gear is a DLC Gear Set in The Surge.


Secret Assassin Gear Details

"An inconspicuous highlight from Rishboter's Rogue Collection™. Your identity is your most valuable asset. Deck yourself out in the most shadowy possible and protect your secrets at all cost. Zorro has nothing on you!"


Secret Assassin Gear Bonus

"Wearing a full set of Secret Assassin gear converts energy above full energy to stamina and increases impact for each time this happens."


Secret Assassin Gear Pieces


Secret Assassin Gear Location/Where To Find

  • Drops from the undertaker in Episode 3/7/9.
  • You MUST use modifiers to get these to drop or you WILL get the Stealthy Assassin Set. 
  • Recomended modifiers LEECH, RUSH HOUR and DANGER CLOSE. 
    Use DLC Proficiency boost implants to supplement damage (Kinasthetic Amplifier V.5 or Tactile Omni-Boost V.5 found in Episode 6)


Secret Assassin Gear Tips & Notes

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