S&R Kingfisher


Damage Damage


Impact Impact


Attack Speed Attack Speed


 Proficiency Scaling


Energy Gain Energy Gain


Elemental Damage


Crush Damage


Slash Damage


Thrust Damage


S&R Kingfisher is a DLC Weapon in The Surge.


S&R Kingfisher Information

“Intended for rescue missions that require controlled severing of high-test cords and cables, the S&R Kingfisher provides exceptional reach and performance. Search and Rescue employees must frequently be able to operate their machinery in close proximity to those that need their help, so electrically-charged and heated cutting tools were unable to meet CREO's stringent safety standards. Instead, the Kingfisher utilizes a serrated carbide blade that vibrates at high frequencies.”


S&R Kingfisher Details

  • Charged horizontal attack/normal horizontal-vertical-horizontal attack is triple poke, charged vertical/normal horizontal-vertical-horizontal attack is turning poke/strike. Each attack in triple poke does same amount of stability damage as standard attack. Has significant faster speed on some attack.


S&R Kingfisher Location/ Where to find


S&R Kingfisher Notes & Tips

  • Salvages to Tungsten Alloy Mk II x3 
  • The Kingfisher zombies are fairly dangerous enemies, they've very aggressive and use several high-damage combos.



S&R Kingfisher Upgrade Table


 Upgrade Cost


Prof 5 Damage

Prof 10 Damage

Prof 15 Damage

Prof 20 Damage

Prof 25 Damage

Mk. 0  width= N/A  width= N/A            
Mk. I  width= 741  width= 9            
Mk. II   width= 6,835  width= 9            
Mk. III  width= 11,353  width= 9            
Mk. IV  width= 16,328  width= 9            
Mk. V  width= 26,850  width= 3            
Mk. VI  width= 45,202  width= 9            
Mk. VII  width= 60,837  width= 9            
Mk. VIII  width= 76,950  width= 9            
Mk. IX  width= 93,378  width= 9            
Mk. X  width= 26,850  width= 3           195 



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