Resolve Biolabs


Resolve Biolabs is a Zone in The Surge.


Resolve Biolabs Information

  • Resolve Biolabs is the third zone in the game.


Resolve Biolabs Locations

Resolve Biolabs Enemies


Resolve Biolabs Items/Weapons/Gear


Resolve Biolabs Walkthrough

Once you arrive, head up the stairs and the door to Ops will be on your right.


Resolve Biolabs Tips/Notes

  • The walkways in the Sewers often do not have railings, even a short fall into the water underneath is fatal - be careful while fighting on the catwalks.
  • There are lots of poison pools in the main Biolabs area - full exploration may require a full set of Liquidator Gear, and the fight with the Smelter Bot will be made vastly easier with Liquidator Gear also, as the entire room he's in is covered in poison (except for the corners).
  • It would be advisable to practice killing the Bloodhound Robots in Central Production B in advance of exploring the Biolabs fully - there are quite a few of them in this zone, and they will respawn whenever you visit the Medbay.


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    • Anonymous

      18 Mar 2021 23:41  

      Where do I go from here?
      I rescued Dr. Chavez and opened all the doors that required the drone upgrade, and I seem to have run out of places to go.

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