Resolve Biolabs


Resolve Biolabs is a Location in The Surge.


Resolve Biolabs Information

  • Third area inside the Zone of the same name
  • There are lots of poison pools here, so it may be worthwhile to build a full set of Liquidator Gear pieces so you can explore safely.
  • There are quite a few Bloodhound Robots, make sure you clear out all of the rig zombies before you go down into the main area to explore, else you might get ambushed by a zombie while trying to fight a Bloodhound bot.


Resolve Biolabs Enemies


Resolve Biolabs Items/Weapons/Gear


Resolve Biolabs Walkthrough

Defeat the enemies here and pick up the Tech Scrap nearby. You can jump off the stairs on to a container and then jump again to find the Implant: Energized Power Cell v.2 then defeat the guy on the rocket launcher and break the box nearby to loot some more Tech Scrap. Drop down to loot the weapon: FENRIS A-7. Defeat the machines and enemies nearby and then loot the Implant: Voltaic Dynamo v.2 near the flickering screen that is giving a briefing. Loot the Tech Scrap in the Toxic Waste in the rocks near the door with the Intercom.

Speak with Dr. Melissa Chavez on the Intercom and she'll ask you to save her, then turn around and hit the Overload (10) power conduit which unlocks a door in the toxic waste where any enemy patrols nearby. There is an Implant: Vital Boost v.1 behind the machine in the corner near this conduit. Open the now unlocked door to find the Audiolog: Resolve Waste and an Exo-Lift that is a shortcut to Blue Sky Station (Decommissioned). Now is a good time to spend your Tech Scrap and change your Implants if you want to take on the miniboss nearby in the toxic waste. Be warned it is extremely difficult, but there is a weapon lying next to it: Corroded Butterfly.

Once finished, head for the hole over near the shortcut and large spill of toxic waste and drop down. Up ahead there is a hidden Drone Module: Industrial Electromagnet if you jump over the railing here and land on the beam. You can then drop down and just head up the Exo-Lift again. Head forward and find the Audiolog: Autopsy Excerpt - Victim #7 underneath the small set of stairs. Head forward and defeat the machine here. You can run and jump across near the Security Door that has many very high level enemies, many of which drop MG Cerberus Gear. There are also two Implants laying about inside: Pneumatic Calibrator v.2 and Red X-Cables, to find some Tech Scrap laying on the other side. Head down the stairs for now.


Resolve Biolabs Tips/Notes

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