Research & Development


Research & Development is a in The Surge.


Research & Development Information

  • Where the start of the Questline for Alec Norris and Maddy is located 
  • Where you will find and confront Dr. Gene Barret


Research & Development Enemies

  • Homo Machinalis
  • MG Gorgon Security
  • Elite hazard Security
  • Creo Security Drones (Uncertain about the actual name for them)
  • Chrysalis Enemy (Also uncertain)
  • Homo Machinalis Dr. Gene Barret (Appears after you enter the board room in the same location as when you met him. Severing the right or left arm gives the weapon “Codename: Valkyrie”)
  • MG Cerberus (After activating a 30 Overcharge circuit in the Behind a security door behind two chrysalis enemies. Next to the cryo box containing Codename: Carmina)


Research & Development Items/Weapons/Gear

  • Metamorphing Talons
  • Chrysalis Gear - drop by enemies behind security door
  • MG Gorgon Gear 
  • MG Negotiator
  • MG Judge
  • MG Cerberus Gear
  • Codename: Parsifal (2.0)
  • Proteus Module Gear
  • Bloodied Proteus Module Gear
  • Elite Hazard Gear
  • Codename: Moonlight
  • Equalizer
  • CREO IP-75 ‘Inducer'
  • Liquidator Gear
  • KLINGE Power Grip
  • Codename: Carmina
  • Codename: Zarathustra


Research & Development Walkthrough

Head forward and to the right of the Security Door which contains some unique enemies that drop the weapon: Metamorphing Talons and Chrysalis Gear. There are also three Audiologs inside: FAILSAFE PROTOCOL 20:51:40, Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #17 and Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #14. as well as an Overcharge (30) power conduit that opens the displays on the Exhibition Floor granting access to the weapon: Codename: Carmina. Go straight here instead of going up the ramp to the left into Pressure Control. If you gave Jo the Tech Scrap she needed earlier, she will fill the room with gas and try to kill you. There is a door to the left that must be opened with your Drone and the BOTECS Power Core. Use the Drone to open the door and then head inside before you are killed. Inside you will find the weapon: Equalizer and a Contact Station with the Audiolog: Dear Micky... Head back through the gas and up the ramp, now on your right, and defeat the enemies here. Break through the door and head inside. Break the next mesh door and head into the Exhibition Floor.


Research & Development Tips/Notes

  • ??
  • ??


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    • Anonymous

      Man this is a cake walk compared to nioh, what's wrong with your build that you are being one shot by anything other than gigantic bosses. If u are doing a level one naked run with your reinforced pipe maybe you are one shot but you need to be able to overload shit to advance so it kinda forces you to get core power of thirty. You can also generally walk out of harms way the moves are so telegraphed. I'd say git gud but I fucking suck at soulsborne Nioh and still have not had much trouble with the surge and gittin gud is not so necessary

      • Anonymous

        This entire zone has me raging more than any area in Dark Souls, Bloodborne, or Nioh combined. Seriously, someone please explain to me why some dude can kill me in one hit by swinging the butt of his gun when just minutes ago I was shrugging off getting stabbed by forklift blades. It's absolute BS and it's seriously draining my resolve.

        • Anonymous

          Where is the equalizer? I'm in the room with the metamorphosis guys and I've killed everyone and already completed the area but I have no clue what it's talking about after it says to overload the power circuit to carmina

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