Pneumatic Calibrator


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Pneumatic Calibrator  is an Implant in The Surge.


Pneumatic Calibrator Details

“Reduces the stamina cost of performing evasive moves.

Links with Pneumatic Helices found in CREO leg-gear, using stored movement-pattern data to reduce the muscular inputs required to activate a Rig's maximum impulse. Not recommended for use by employees assigned to fine-tuning machinery or other delicate work, as accidental activations can be common for users who have not fully acclimated to its sensitivity. ”



Pneumatic Calibrator V.2 Location/ Where to find


Pneumatic Calibrator V.2 Notes & Tips

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Fitting Cost

PneumaticCalibratorV2 Pneumatic Calibrator v.2 Stamina Consumption -15% 1
pneumatic_calibrator_v4_implant Pneumatic Calibrator v.4 Stamina Consumption -25% 3



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