Outer Sewers


Outer Sewers is a Location in The Surge.


Outer Sewers Information

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Outer Sewers Enemies

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Outer Sewers Items/Weapons/Gear


Outer Sewers Walkthrough

Defeat the enemies here and be careful not to fall to your death! If you are having trouble seeing be sure to turn on your flood light. There is an Implant: Vanadium E-Cell v.1 located in some breakable boxes on the right, and some Tech Scrap in the rocks on the right. There is an Overcharge (14) power conduit nearby that is guarded by a machine that will ambush you as you get near. This will allow you to open the doors down the stairs nearby.  Head down the stairs and jump the gap to find the Implant: Auto-Aid v.2.

Double back and head up the stairs to the right of this conduit and kill the two machines. You can drop down here to find the hidden Implant: Implanted Electrodes v.2. Look for the gap in the railing and drop down, then drop down again and then run and jump to the Implant. Run and jump again to find some stairs. Destroy the Drones and head up the stairs and go right, killing the two enemies there. There is a door here that requires a BOTECS Power Core, which you don't have yet, but contains the Implant: Medi-Voltaic Injection v.3. There is also the Mechanized Counterweight v.2 that you can get from dropping down from up above later on.

The elevator is currently out of order, so you'll have to go left. Pick up the Tech Scrap and find the Overcharge (10) power conduit and use it to get the elevator up and running. There is a Security Door here that you won't be able to go through yet that has many very high level enemies, many of which drop MG Cerberus Gear. There are also two Implants laying about inside: Pneumatic Calibrator v.2 and Red X-Cables. For now head up the elevator and defeat the enemies there. There is a First Aid Station here where you can refill your injectables if needed. Head through the door and down the stairs into Resolve Biolabs.


Outer Sewers Tips/Notes

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