Nanite Mass

Weakness Elemental/Crush/Overloading

Nanite Mass is an Enemy in The Surge.


Nanite Mass Information

Nanite Masses are the last type of enemy encountered in The Surge and, predictably, the most dangerous. A shapeless mass of undifferentiated nanties larger than a man, their presence is announced by telltale chittering sound and a discoloration of the surroundings.

 A Nanite Mass, unlike every other enemy in the game, cannot be defeated with simple violence - once reduced to zero hit points, a Nanite Mass loses integrity and shatters, but very shortly reforms and continues fighting. Further attacks will only cause further shattering - to defeat a Nanite Mass, Warren must first cause the Nanite Mass to shatter, then approach it. After a short delay, an Overload prompt will appear, just like with a power conduit. Overloading the Nanite Mass will destroy it. Note, however, that while the Nanite Mass is stunned while it is being overloaded, other enemies are not and will still pose a threat to Warren.

 A Nanite Mass uses the following attacks:

  • Triple Swipe - The Nanite Mass possesses forms a blade-like pseudopod, then performs a series of three rapid lunging strikes with it. Deceptively simple, this may be its most dangerous attack - each swipe deals high damage and has significant impact that can easilly stagger Warren into further hits. In addition, the attack has excellent reach (between the length of the psudopod and the lunge) and very good tracking - though not perfect, and if Warren gets behind the Nanite Mass while it attacks, he can deal heavy damage.
  • Beam Cannon - The Nanite Mass forms itself into a weapon, then fires a beam of energy after a delay. If it hits, it deals moderate damage and stuns. Though impressive looking, this attack is rather weak - not only does the beam have absolutely no tracking, making it an invitation to dodge just slightly to the side, close distance and unleash hell, the attack has such a long winddown that the stun will expire before the Nanite Mass can capitalize on it.
  • Shard Comet - The Nanite Mass forms a large mass of nanitse above itself, then launches it towards Warren, causing heavy damage and impact if it connects. While more dangerous than the previous ranged attack, the shard is easy enough to dodge after it's been fired. Be careful about this attack when fighting multiple enemies or in low rooms, as it's easy to miss the shard formation's soun (a gentle crystalline tinkling) when it's offscreen or obscured by the ceiling.
  • Mitosis - Once low on health, the Nanite Mass will swell, then split into two smaller but unequal versions. The larger of these can be considered a continuation of the original, and must be overloaded as described above; the smaller can only use Triple Swipe or Shatter, and will die once its HP is depleted.
  • Shatter - A suicide attack only used by the smaller version of the Nanite Mass, making it explode while releasing an electrical burst that will lightly damage and severely stun Warren if he is close. Avoid.

Nanite Mass Location

  • Nucleus - Escape Assembly Point
  • Nucleus - Floor 3 - Rapid Launch Control
  • Nucleus - Utopia Preparation Classified
  • Nucleus - Floor 2 - Refueling (Only after openign to door to the final boss)
  • Nucleus - Floor 1 - Cargo (Numerous after opening the door to the final boss)
  • Nucleus - // DATA CHECKSUM FAIL
  • Episode 9 DLC The Good, The Bad and The Augmented.

Nanite Mass Drop

Nanite Mass Tips/Notes

  • The Overload prompt may sometimes take a while to appear. Keep trying.
  • If in doubt keep hitting it until it drops several times then check for Overload.
  • A good punchbag for proficiency farming.
  • Note that unlike a Finishing Stike, overloading a Nanite Mass will not pause energy decay. If you intend to use an implant (such as a Medi-Voltaic Injection), you may want to do so prior to overloading.

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    • Anonymous

      16 Jul 2018 06:15  

      I know I'm coming to this party late.. but, seems theyre particularly vulnerable to Crushing damage? That dlc single rigged 'Codename: Engelhart' wrecks them. Also, some people saying the Overcharge prompt doesnt appear sometimes.. it wouldnt for me either until i'd also killed the little spawns of itself?
      Does that all seem right to the NG people?

      • Anonymous

        01 Jul 2017 12:02  

        As of 2017.07.01 this particular enemy seems to be glitched. The overload prompt appears approx. 2/5 times when I fight them. Rest of the time, it just stands there taking damage, doing nothing. It does not fight back, and I can't get any energy attacking it. So I have to leave these live, but harmless enemies behind.

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