Modaxinol Injector



Core Power Consumption


Health Cost


Energy Consumption



 Slows enemies for a few seconds

Modaxinol Injector is a Implant in The Surge.


Modaxinol Injector Information

Enhances the senses, making enemies seem to move more slowly, at the cost of health.

"Distributed to employees selected for high-focus, high duration task sectors.  WARNING: Has
been shown to be habit-forming in certain limited trials, so it is recommended that supervisors
assign Modaxinol only when production goal projections indicate a probably shortfall in output."


Modaxinol Injector Details

The Modaxinol injector is a quest item requested by Davey in Central Production B, after you've rescued him from the room he's trapped in and he goes back to Ops.  The injector itself is in the Resolve Biolabs, in a room in the main labs area after you've cleared the lockdown and rescued Dr. Chavez.  You will need the BOTECs Power Core for your drone to unlock the door to the room that the injector is in.



Modaxinol Injector Notes & Tips

  • You can choose to give Davey the injector (thereby losing it for your own use), or you can keep it.  If you give it to him, he will give you a Vital Injection v.3 in return.


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