MG Gorgon Head Gear

Sentinel Class





  Core Power Consumption


  Energy Consumption (Drone)


  Damage (Armored)


  Damage (Unarmored)


Elemental Defense

5 Crush Defense 9

Slash Defense

9 Thrust Defense 6

MG Gorgon Head Gear is a Head Gear in The Surge.


MG Gorgon Head Gear Details

"It is a sad inevitability that employees will sometimes lose sight of the CREO mission. Luckily, our faithful CREO security - equipped with Gorgon gear - are always on hand to resolve altercations and remind wayward souls of their contractual obligations! In the case of emergency, be sure to follow all security commands to the letter - it's for your own safety."


MG Gorgon Head Gear Location/Where To Find


MG Gorgon Head Gear Tips & Notes


MG Gorgon Head Gear Upgrade Table


  Upgrade Cost


Mk. I 752  14 7
Mk. II 2077  14 10
Mk. III  4786  14 13
Mk. IV 7949  14 16

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