LYNX Leg Gear

Operator Class





  Core Power Consumption


  Stamina Consumption (Run)


  Stamina Consumption (Dodge)


Elemental Defense

7 Crush Defense 10

Slash Defense

6 Thrust Defense 8

LYNX Leg Gear is a Leg Gear in The Surge.


LYNX Leg Gear Details

"LYNX gear is third-generation CREO Exo-Rig technology, customized to suit the evolving needs of our Field Technicians. Its lightweight construction and ease of use guarantees unparalleled flexibility! Micro-laminated alloy surfaces and modest Core Power requirements make for a versatile set of gear, suited to many challenging tasks of machinery enhancement."


LYNX Leg Gear Location/Where To Find


LYNX Leg Gear Tips & Notes


LYNX Leg Gear Upgrade Table


 Upgrade Cost


Mk. I 895  6 8
Mk. II 2472  6 11
Mk. III  5696  6 14
Mk. IV 9460  6 17

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