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Kinasthetic Amplifier v.3 is an Implant in The Surge.


Kinasthetic Amplifier v.3 Details

“ Increases weapon proficiency with single-rigged and twin-rigged weapons.

Developed as a result of CREO's research into prosthetics, this implant reverse-engineers the "phantom limb" phenomena suffered by many amputees. Using the Kinasthetic Amplifier in conjunction with rigged tools makes them feel like they are part of the body, harnessing the brain's natural proprioceptive reflexes to greatly increase precision and shorten learning curves. ”



Kinasthetic Amplifier v.3 Location/ Where to find

  • Personnel Arrival - up the stairs from the train, to the right. (Only appears after returning from Resolve biolabs
  •  [?]).
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Kinasthetic Amplifier v.3 Notes & Tips

  • ??
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