Ironmaus #1



Comic Collection

Ironmaus #1 is a Comic Collection in The Surge.


Ironmaus #1 Details

“A thrilling new tale”



Ironmaus #1 Notes & Tips

  • On the ground near the enemy that drops the Shining Coin, in the Main Assembly Line.
  • Near a white container, close to where the enemy is standing.
  • Doesn't show up on the ground as a yellow pyramid like other items. But, it makes the "pick up" text appear, when walking over it, like other items.
  • So far, I don't know what it's for or if it has any use at all. Maybe just a collectable.
  • Ironmaus coins seem to be used to obtain the Ironmaus Armor set, which appears to be the best armor set in the game.





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