Grim Fashion Gear

Operator Class

Grim Fashion Gear is a DLC Gear Set in The Surge.


Grim Fashion Gear Details

"A terrifying highlight from Rishboter's Rogue Collection™. Originally used during a killing spree on the Dia de Los Muertos, this endearing set of kit has become the go-to getup for serial killers, psychopaths and politicians with a deadly sense of style."


Grim Fashion Gear Bonus

"Wearing a full set of Grim Fashion gear cause all actions to cost health in addition to stamina, but grants healing after each successful attack and enables user to heal over the standard limit."


Grim Fashion Gear Pieces


Grim Fashion Gear Location/Where To Find

  • Drops from La Muerte Boss in Episode 2/4/6/8.
  • WILL only drop when using Modifiers.
  • Recomended modifiers LEECH, RUSH HOUR and DANGER CLOSE.
    Use DLC Proficiency boost implants to supplement damage. (Kinasthetic Amplifier V.5 or Tactile Omni-Boost V.5 found in Episode 6)


Grim Fashion Gear Tips & Notes

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