Greenhouse Facility


Greenhouse Facility is a Location in The Surge.


Greenhouse Facility Information

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Greenhouse Facility Enemies

Greenhouse Facility Items/Weapons/Gear

Greenhouse Facility Walkthrough

Pick up the Tech Scrap laying amid the plants here and then head right, open the door and head through, defeating the enemies inside. This takes you to the Savannah Climate Zone. Head forward into the Eurasian Climate Zone. There are some breakable boxes on the right that contain an enemy and the Implant: Vital Injection v.3. There are many enemies here so be careful not to pull them all at once. Once all the enemies are dead, use the Contact Station to acquire the Audiolog: Dr. M. Chavez, #784. Next use the Lockdown Terminal to open the door here. There is also another door that requires a BOTEC Power Core to open which contains the Implant: Modaxinol Injector. Head through the door which is a shortcut back to Resolve Biolabs.

You will find things a little different than they were before. There are now soldiers with flamethrowers patroling the area and the machines are gone. Use the terminal where you spoke with Dr. Melissa Chavez before to aquire the Audiolog: Help!  Then head through the now open door into the Tropical Climate Zone. Defeat the enemies inside and in the corner to the right you will find a weapon: SERU HSS BioMaster. Then head left and up the stairs to find some Tech Scrap and an Overcharge (22) power conduit that will open the locked door in the previous room. Inside that room you will find the Implant: Reclamation Buddy v.2. Head forward but go right down the ramp instead of up the stairs and then down the stairs into the Supply Tunnels.


Greenhouse Facility Tips/Notes

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