Gear Fragments



Gear Fragments are a Component in The Surge.


Gear Fragments Details

 There are four Gear fragments - one for each Gear piece

 Cortical Processor - used to make Head Gear

 Rig Armature - used to make Body Gear

 Force Regulator - used to make Arm Gear

 Pneumatic Helix - used to make Leg Gear


Gear Fragments Notes & Tips

  • Gear Fragments are used for building and upgrading Gear pieces.
  • They are obtained primarily by using a finishing move on armored body parts of humanoid enemies, however you can sometimes find them as treasure.
  • When obtained from a severed body part, you get three components for each destroyed gear piece.  One ruined Arm Gear will get you three Force Regulators, for example.
  • To upgrade a Gear piece to Mk V, X, XV, or XX, you will need the appropriate Nano Core
  • Every NG+ tier (NG+, NG++, etc) will increase the Mk level of the destroyed gear fragments that you find by 5, so you can upgrade a Gear piece past Mk IV without using Nano Cores to upgrade it to Mk V or Mk X first - just build the Gear at Mk VI or whatever level you need instead of building at Mk 1 in the base game and then upgrading once you're in NG+ mode.

Weapon Upgrades

Base Game

New Game+




Gear Fragments Mk VI Zombie Worker - LYNX in NG+
Zombie Worker - RHINO in NG+
Gear Fragments Mk VII Zombie Worker - SCARAB in NG+
Zombie Worker - Liquidator in NG+
Hazard Operative in NG+
Gear Fragments Mk VIII Elite Hazard Operative in NG+
CREO Security Guard in NG+
PROTEUS Test Subject in NG+
Gear Fragments Mk IX Bloodied PROTEUS Test Subject in NG+
CERBERUS Security Guard in NG+
Chrysalis Zombie in NG+
Chrysalis Drone in NG+

And so on... The Mk levels increase as your NG+ tier increases - you should have figured it out by the time you get to NG++


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