Floor 3 - Rapid Launch Control


Floor 3 - Rapid Launch Control is a Location in The Surge.


Floor 3 - Rapid Launch Control NPCs

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Floor 3 - Rapid Launch Control Enemies

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Floor 3 - Rapid Launch Control Items/Weapons/Gear


Floor 3 - Rapid Launch Control Walkthrough

Head forward and defeat the enemies here. Use the Overcharge (50) power conduit to acquire 2 Nano Core. Break the boxes to the left of the power conduit to loot some Tech Scrap, then head right, past the conduit. Amidst the containers are some stairs, head up them and head into the corridor. Defeat the enemy and drop down into the Nitrogen Pump Station.

Break the mesh door and head inside, defeat the enemies there and head right down a long corridor that will lead you to some Tech Scrap. You can jump back up after you pick it up, head back and go up the Exo-Lift. This will take you to the Implant: Vital Injection v.5. Head back to where you landed when you dropped down. Dropping down again, will loot you the Implant: Vital Boost v.5. Defeat the enemy and open the door. Then loot the Tech Scrap and drop down. Defeat the enemy and avoid the toxic waste. Head forward and head up the Exo-Lift in the left-hand corner. Defeat the enemy there and loot the Implant: Vital Injection v.5 and then head back down and through the mesh door up the stairs to the right. Defeat the enemies in here and head left and up the Exo-Lift. Defeat the enemies and loot the Tech Scrap. There is an Overcharge (10) power conduit here that turns the lights on. Head left to loot some more Tech Scrap. There is a Security Door up ahead that takes you to Utopia Preparation Classified.  

After returning from Launchpad 01 Station. Defeat the two tough enemies here and use the Overcharge (10) powe conduit to get the Exo-Lift online. Head up the Exo-Lift and call the elevator to move the Operations Base to Floor 3. Head down to the Operations Base and when finished head through the door to your right now and defeat another tough enemy here and head up the stairs. Use the Overcharge (10) power conduit to open a passage on Floor 1. Then head down the Exo-Lift. 

There are some updgrade materials immediately to your left, then head right. Follow the corridor until you get gassed and then look for some breakable boxes on the right and head through them and down an Exo-Lift. Break the mesh door and loot the Tech Scrap, then double back and continue forward. Head down the long Exo-Lift there and loot the Audiolog: Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #6. Open the door and and defeat the tough enemy here. You will need to head up the stairs and back track through the level to the right to get down to the new breach in Floor 01 - Cargo. Head into the breach to: // Data Checksum Fail.


Floor 3 - Rapid Launch Control Tips/Notes

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