Floor 2 - Refueling


Floor 2 - Refueling is a Location in The Surge.


Floor 2 - Refueling NPCs

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Floor 2 - Refueling Enemies

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Floor 2 - Refueling Items/Weapons/Gear


Floor 2 - Refueling Walkthrough

Defeat the enemy that will ambush you and head right. Use the elevator control panel to call the Operations Base to this floor (there is a spot near the base now, to the left, you can drop down to find the Implant: Auto-Aid v.4, but you will have to double back up a bunch of enemies to get back to this floor).

As you head out of the Operations Base, head left and defeat the enemies here. Then head left behind the containers, just watch out for the two difficult enemies here. Inside you will find the Audiolog: Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #11 and the Implant: Vital Injection v.5. There is a mesh door you can break here, but you cannot get inside the door there yet. Head back to the Operations Base.

As you head out of the Operations base head right and then left and defeat the enemies across the way. Head down the stairs there to find some Tech Scrap, then head back up and head through the open doorway only if you have the Implant: Toxic Autofilter equipped or you will die. Defeat the enemies here and take the Exo-Lift up to Floor 3 - Rapid Launch Control.



Floor 2 - Refueling Tips/Notes

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