Firebug Throttle v2.0


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Firebug Throttle v2.0 is a Weapon in The Surge.


Firebug Throttle v2.0 Information

“The still – functional throttle engines of the LU-74 unit “Firebug”, so named due to its unusually large exhaust flames. Despite the best efforts of the CREO engineers leading LU-74’s construction, they were never able to pinpoint a precise cause for the larger-than-normal flames. An explanatory note was entered into LU-74’s service record, but LU-74 was neither the first nor the last CREO machine to develop idiosyncratic faults of unknown provenance.”


Firebug Throttle v2.0 Details

  • This weapon can make a fire ring around you by doing 2 horizontal attacks then a vertical. or shoot a blast of fire with 2 vertical attacks then a horizontal one. Alternatively, the fire ring can be trigered by performing one vertical attack followed by two horizontal attacks and the blast by doing one horizontal followed by two verticals.
  • While locking some limbs on humanoid enemies, the vertical moveset changes making the player trigger the blast attack only by performing the 1 horizontal - 2 vertical combo.



Firebug Throttle v2.0 Location/ Where to find


Firebug Throttle v2.0 Notes & Tips

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Firebug Throttle v2.0 Upgrade Table


Upgrade Cost


Prof 10 Damage

Prof 20 Damage

Mk. I n/a n/a      
Mk. II n/a n/a 24  32  
Mk. III 2,966 9 30   39  
Mk. IV 6,835 9 36  47  
Mk. V 26,850 3      


    • Anonymous

      20 Oct 2017 04:36  

      The PS4 version has a graphical glitch. After all 6 legs have been cut off, one of the legs looks like it's still intact, and it's not target-able. The boss stops doing the spinning attack, and you get the 2.0 weapon if you defeat it now. The best advice is to mentally count how many legs you chop off, and if you know you chopped off 6 legs, then you should be good.

      • Anonymous

        17 Oct 2017 09:26  

        there is a glitch in the steam version where I can no longer target the final leg once the other 5 have been cut off, making me scared to finish the boss since I want this weapon :(

        • Anonymous

          27 May 2017 19:06  

          The vertical moveset changes when locking on some body parts for humanoid enemies. I stated this in my edit and wrote another way to trigger the blast attack

          • Anonymous

            25 May 2017 12:23  

            Man, this one is really easy to get. Got it by accident, was aiming for the limbs because I figured it would stop the spinning arm attack. Didn't manage to cut all three of until it was at a quarter health, though just cutting two makes it so you can dodge easily through its spinning attack.

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