Exhibition Floor


Exhibition Floor is a Location in The Surge.


Exhibition Floor Information

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Exhibition Floor Enemies

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Exhibition Floor Items/Weapons/Gear


Exhibition Floor Walkthrough

(Upon landing  form the previous map area, continue down the path until the second corner[correct me if i'm wrong], here you will see a small entrance that is shadowed, hard to see. Upon entering enclosure, you will see at the end a drone override and the path continuing left, up some stairs. Once you start heading towards the drone override, toxic gas will start to fill the room and Jo's voice, in recording will say some warning. After using the drone override, the switch below it will be unlocked, and said switch will unlock the door to your left, up some stairs. there will be a weapon in here. this area is tied with Jo's side quest)

Head right and find the Implant: Mechanized Counterweight v.3 on the right-hand side behind some displays. Continue forward and up the stairs to the left to find some Tech Scrap laying on the ground behind a vending machine. Then head down the stairs to the ground floor. Break the glass of one of the displays near the far stairs here to acquire the weapon: Creo IP-75 'Inducer'. Head up the stairs, defeat the enemy here and then jump on to the roof of the building nearby to pick up some Tech Scrap. Drop down and head into the Operations Base down the short set of stairs.

Speak with Alec Norris and he will ask you to save his little girl. If you say yes he will give you the quest item: Key Card - ID #RD 23941001. In the corner is the Audiolog: Dr. Lawrence Murphy, Log #2. There is a Codename: Carmina trapped in a box here, you need to use the Overcharge (30) power conduit in any of the Security Doors in this area. which you will get later. Head back up the stairs where you defeated the enemy and head into Applied Nano Science.


Exhibition Floor Tips/Notes

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