Escape Assembly Point


Escape Assembly Point is a Location in The Surge.


Escape Assembly Point NPCs

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Escape Assembly Point Enemies

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Escape Assembly Point Items/Weapons/Gear


Escape Assembly Point Walkthrough

Defeat the enemy, loot the weapon: MG Centurion and open the Security Door here. There is a door down some steps behind you that allows you to drop onto the Implant: Vital Injection v.5, but you will have to head back up if you drop to get it. Just above this door is some Tech Scrap hidden in a box and a mesh door. Defeat the enemy inside and use the door control to open a shortcut, then head back and go through the Security Door. Use the door control on the right to create a shortcut back to Floor 2 - Refueling. Use the Contact Station here to acquire the Audiolog: Stay Tuned! Head up the elevator and defeat the enemies here. There is some Tech Scrap hidden in some boxes on the right up ahead and a First Aid Station on the left. Head up the stairs into Lauchpad 01 Station.


Escape Assembly Point Tips/Notes

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    • Anonymous

      The only enemy I've ever seen at the Escape Assembly Point is a Nanite Mass...? And I went there well before unblocking the Checksum and filling the place with Masses, so I'm doubtful this enemy is ever there.

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