This value  is the ability of your weapon to stagger enemies and leave them open to more consecutive attacks.

The impact level depend mostly on the weapon type and change depending on the weapon itself.

There is three main impact level : Low ; Medium ; High.

Arm gear can increases the impact level. But not above high.

Some Twin-rigged weapons have a "Very Low" impact level on their stats . While some Heavy-duty have a "Very High" impact level. It is not possible to reach the "Very High" rating if it's not innate to the weapon. However it is possible to enhance the impact with the RHINO gear set bonus and the implant Concussive Array v.3 (both can be stacked).

When under the effect of one of the above, the stats Impact will become blue, indicating its enhancement.



Physical Damage

Crush, slash and thrust damages are affected by the stats of the player's weapon and the ennemy's gear.

On unarmored parts, the highest damage value will deal more damage. However, some robot parts are very sensitive to slash damage (i.e. the Bloodhound's tail or the Maintenance Robot's arm.)

Thrust damage seems to have a special function in very specific situations. For example, when the Bloodhound prepare his leap attack ("honk" noise), it can be interrupted by an attack dealing thrust damage.

Unfortunately, I have not find any other of those "very specific situations".



Elemental Damage

Dev explaining it : "Some weapons come along with elemental damage, a specific damage type which influences the overall damage for certain enemies."


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    • 27 Apr 2020 00:18  

      "Some weapons come along with elemental damage, a specific damage type which influences the overall damage for certain enemies." What does that even mean...?

      • Anonymous

        16 Dec 2017 18:08  

        And also from my previous message, the relation between weapon damage / armor resistance is also calculated from each body part.
        Each body part have a specific resistance. I think, generaly the best damage is to hit the head because this part has generaly the lowest resistance excepting non armored parts.

        • Anonymous

          16 Dec 2017 17:56  

          Technicaly speaking, the best is to use the right weapon vs the right armor and vice versa.
          When you play, you get different armor set and different weapons from all mobs.

          By example, certain weapon have more crush damage than energy damage in their stats.

          then, preferably, you would use these weapon vs an enemy that have low crushing resistance in armor stats.

          It's same for all stats weapon/armor in each role.

          If you want resist to a certain type of enemy, see his weapon stats crush/energy/cut and choose the armor that can resist to the highest damage type of this weapon.

          You can see all armor/weapon stat from your inventory

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