Crystallized Mascot

Weakness ??

Crystallized Mascot is an Enemy in The Surge.


Crystallized Mascot Information

Crystallized Mascot is an enemy encountered in the lower areas of CREO World. Controlled and reformed by nanites, the crystallized mascot represents a significant threat with heavy attacks and a deceptively long range.

The Crystallized Mascot will utilize the following attacks:

  • Arm Thrust: The arm will rear back and open the claw and then thrust into the ground before popping out.
  • High Sweep: The arm will rear very far back before sweeping left over a large area. This attack can be ducked and countered.
  • Low Sweep: The arm will flop onto the ground to the right and sweep all the way around the mascot. This attack can be jumped and countered.
  • Uppercut: The arm slaps the ground behind the mascot before swinging in an uppercut motion.
  • Triple Slam: The arm slams in front of the mascot twice and then again after a short delay. The last hit has an extended range.


Crystallized Mascot Location

  • CREO World
  • ??


Crystallized Mascot Drop



Crystallized Mascot Tips/Notes

  • The vertical attacks cannot be blocked
  • Destroying the arm will prevent it from using long range attacks


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