Codename: Elise


Damage Damage


Impact Impact


Attack Speed Attack Speed


Single Rigged Proficiency Scaling


Energy Gain Energy Gain


Elemental Damage

22 Crush Damage 0

Slash Damage

11 Thrust Damage 6

Codename: Elise is a Weapon in The Surge.


Codename: Elise Information

“Elise is an ambitious prototype, part of a classified CREO project intended to test the viability of orbital construction techniques.  Spacewalking operators would need heavy-duty tools to fabricate and modify components - but without the convective qualities of an atmosphere, fricative heat could become a problem.  Hence, a sealed self-cooling apparatus to allow a vacuum-saw such as Elise to function at maximum efficiency for longer.”

"The venting of supercooled gases numbs the body, deadening sensations of pain. Increases maximum health by 10%"  


Codename: Elise Location/ Where to find

  • Resolve Biolabs
  • In the main Biolabs compound near where you unlock the Exo-lift shortcut down to the Maglev station, there is a wandering Liquidator Zombie and a patrolling Bloodhound on the left side of the area, and both are in a heavily contaminated area with acid puddles on the floor.  Once you've dealt with both of them, there is a shipping container against the left wall with the doors open - inside is a Liquidator Zombie wielding the new weapon.  He does not appear to be any more difficult than a standard Liquidator Zombie, although he will jump out at you when you try to engage him instead of just lumbering forward.


Weapon Name Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • ??



Codename: Elise Upgrade Table


 Upgrade Cost


Prof 10 Damage

Prof 20 Damage

Mk. I ??? ? ?? ?? ??
Mk. II  ???? ? ?? ?? ??
Mk. III ????? ? ?? ?? ??
Mk. IV ????? ? ?? ?? ??
Mk. V ????? ? ?? ?? ??


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