Codename: Carmina


Damage Damage


Impact Impact


Attack Speed Attack Speed


Single Rigged Proficiency Scaling

Very High

Energy Gain Energy Gain


Elemental Damage


Crush Damage


Slash Damage


Thrust Damage


Codeame: Carmina is a Weapon in The Surge.


Codename: Carmina Information

“Carmina is a highly experimental (and very classified) fully-functional portable nanite manipulator. In the absence of a prepared fabrication program, Carmina overrides the behavior of nearby nanites, summoning them to itself until a mass of 'nano-matter is formed. This nano-matter constantly shifts and reforms until given new protocols. Jagged, sharp, and dense, Carmina punctures heavily reinforced materials with ease. ”


Codename: Carmina Details




Codename: Carmina Location/ Where to find

  • Exhibition Floor, inside a white container next to the Ops. Need security rig to open it.


Codename: Carmina Notes & Tips

  • ??



Codename: Carmina Upgrade Table


 Upgrade Cost


Prof 10 Damage

Prof 20 Damage

Prof 25

Mk. I 741 9     49   
Mk. II  6,835 9     63   
Mk. III 11,353 9     78   
Mk. IV 16,328 9     94   
Mk. V 26,850 3     109  
Mk. VI   45,202   9     139   
Mk. VII   60,837   9     162   
Mk. VIII   76,950   9     185   
Mk. IX   93,378   9     208   
Mk. X   26,850   3       256 


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    • Anonymous

      For those having trouble finding it:
      - After Black Cerberus fight when you obtain security rig, backtrack to Exhibition Floor Ops. From there use the shortcut on it's left side - after riding up the exolift at "T" intersection turn left and progress through room and hall with Liquidator gear enemies until you reach security door. Through there is straightforward path until room with two Chrysalis-type enemies. There you can find a circuit to overcharge (30) which open the weapon case on exhibition floor (right next to Ops) and creates a spawnable MG Cerberus mob (perfect NG Tech Scrap farming spot)

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