CREO ex06 Security Rig



Implant Slots


CREO ex06 Security Rig is a Rig in The Surge.


CREO ex06 Security Rig Details

“Paramilitary Exo-Rig specialized for security operations, registered to the current chief of security, code-named The Black Cerberus. Includes an embedded biometric signature required for access to secure locations in the CREO complex, as well as an impressive array of implant slots.”



CREO ex06 Security Rig Location

  • This is locked in the Operations Base in the Executive Forum. You will need to find the Overcharge (10) Power Conduit that unlocks it, which is located after The Black Cerberus fight inside a mesh breakable door. The Rig itself can be found in the Ops Base, to the left of the entrance when facing the Medbay. You will need to break the glass over the Rig to unlock it.


CREO ex06 Security Rig Notes & Tips

  • Has 16 implant slots, and allows access to the previously-locked Security doors scattered around the CREO complex. 


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