Similar to Black Cerberus, however considerably weaker. Deal with this enemy by waiting for it's 3 consecutive attacks before using a lunge attack or running/dashing behind him for a stun attack. 

Note: If you cut off the wrong arm on the Black Cerberus boss and received everything except the arm pieces. There is a Cerberus enemy at the end of the executive forum that also wears Black Cerberus armor. Recognizeable by his similar look to the boss, and Bloodhound robot. Both guarding the exit to the Nucleus area.


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    • Anonymous

      to learn his weakness, as well as the weakness of any humanoid enemy, check a piece of his gear. You will know if element, crush, slash or thrust is the way, as well as its resistances,

      • Anonymous

        This black Cerberus look alike does not have a true black cerb full set, I got his body, but it turned out to be a regular cerb. Thinking back, he looked different, maybe only his head and arms are black cerb? Or maybe it's a random mix of cerb and black cerb, He also does not respawn.

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