Golden Ticket Garrett Masters

FROM: Garrett Masters
SUBJECT: Golden Ticket

Dammit, why don't you listen!? You need to upgrade your Power core, or replace it, otherwise you ain't getting through that door. If you keep trying to overload it without the proper power capacity, security is gonna end up all over your ass! We've come to far to get caught now, those implants are worth thousands! This is our golden ticket out of here, man. Don't screw it up.

Implants – Side Effects Josh McEvan
Production Manager, Central Production B

FROM: J. Evan
TO: Albertsen
SUBJECT: Implants – Side Effects

With the implemented overtime hours my guys have been relying on their implants, but I'm noticing increasingly erratic behaviour from them. This schedule was meant to be temporary,
but it's been months now with no sign of respite! Now, I don't blame my team for using, but...
the side effects are becoming increasingly apparent. There's even been fights, and, you know, some people are just acting downright weird. We're going to have big problems soon, if something isn't done, and I- I won't be held responsible.

Intercepted Transmission 83-1266548 Anna Espinoza

Intercepted transmission #1266548
FROM: Anna Espinoza
TO: M. Espinoza
Transmission interrupted – suspected security breach! Keywords: new project
Case log created: #83-985
Initiating investigation.

Mom, sorry I've been out of contact for so long. I just wanted to let you know how much I love you and dad. We've been working on a new project. I can't really say anything about it. But I have reservations. I'd like you to all to go out to Uncle Richardo's, he- he's got a shelter. You need to...

Missing Office Supplies Officer Andre Pearson

CLASSIFIED! Case #83-894
Report on missing office supplies.
Investigation is ongoing!

I know the boys are laughing at me about this, but this is how it starts. It's the small things.
It might just be stolen office supplies to them, but what next? I have a duty to find a culprit.
Besides, they may be satisfied with staying where they are, but I have ambition. They'll be laughing on the other side of their faces when I'm the one calling out the duty roster.

Payload Irregularities Zulehka Massoud
Central Production B, QA Engineer

Zulehka Massoud: Payload Irregularities

I noticed some irregularities during my last review. There seem to be significant aberrations in the payload dispersal unit. My first course of action was to inform my supervisor, considering the matter closed. But here it is again. It's infuriating! My only conclusion in, there are problems down the line. Unless changes have been made and we have not been notified, which is completely unacceptable. But every time I raise the matter... Here I am!

RE: Conspiracy Theory Jerry Fletcher
Central Production B, Resolve Assembly Line

FROM: J. Fletcher
TO: J. Novac
SUBJECT: RE: Conspiracy Theory

You've got to knock it off! I told you last time, they're watching everything we do here. Stupid stuff like that may be amusing to you, but I worked hard to get my position and I don't want to lose it over some co-workers attempt at humor.

 RE: Echelon 9  Officer Lamont Jackson

FROM: L. Jackson
TO: G Alba
SUBJECT: RE: Echelon 9

***** them! They think they're so high and mighty. Yeah, I hope you're reading this you tossers. Echelon 9, what a joke! You think they'd share info out of professional courtesy, but no – classified. Bunch of butt munchers! I'm tellin' ya, it's goddamn ridiculous, we're all doing the same job, right?

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  • The Surge - Audio Logs: CREO

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