Bloodied PROTEUS Head Module

Goliath Class

Bloody PROTEUS Head Module

Defense Defense


Stability Stability


Core Power Consumption Core Power Consumption


Energy Consumption Energy Consumption


Damage Damage (Armored)


Damage Damage (Unarmored)


Elemental Defense


Crush Defense


Slash Defense


Thrust Defense


Bloodied PROTEUS Head Module is a Head Gear in The Surge.


Bloodied PROTEUS Head Module details

"A classified set of gear developed by the Restricted Projects laboratory, under the supervision of Dr. Gene Barrett. Its innovative design is meant to act as an external life-support system. This set of PROTEUS gear is an unlisted prototype. Records of performed modifications and action logs have been wiped clean, known only to its creator."




Bloodied PROTEUS Head Module Location/ Where to find


Bloodied PROTEUS Head Module Tips & Notes

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Bloodied PROTEUS Head Module Upgrade Table



 Upgrade Cost


Mk. I

 Tech Scrap: 752

Cortical Processor Mk. I: 14

 Mk. II

 Tech Scrap: 4,512

Cortical Processor Mk. II: 14

 Mk. III  

 Tech Scrap: 8,272

Cortical Processor Mk. III: 14

Mk. IV

Tech Scrap: 12,032

Cortical Processor Mk. IV: 14

Mk. V 18,795 15
Mk. VI 34,592  16 
Mk. VII 45,872  18
Mk. VIII 57,152  20 
Mk. IX 68,432  22 
Mk. X 18,795 24


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