Botecs Power Core



Botecs Power Core is an Organizer in The Surge.


Botecs Power Core Details

“This small but highly efficient type of Power Core is used in most of
CREO‘s robotic units.
It fits your drone perfectly...”




Botecs Power Core Location

Botecs Power Core Use Location

  • Resolve Biolabs - Outer Sewers.
    • From the Med-Bay progress to the large open room with a Maintenance Bot and two Flying Drones, just before the elevator up. The node for opening the door is half-way down a set of stairs. The door that opens is all the wat down the stairs.
  • Resolve Biolabs - Eurasian Climate Zone.
    • Travel to the open area of Resolve Biolabs (with the Smelter and the big screen with Don interviewing Jonah). Entrance to the room is located next to the area with the Smelter. Both node and door are located in the far left corner of the room.
  • CREO Executive Forum
    • Enter the door to the right of the penultimate stairs to the Board-room, opposite the door to the Server room. Go to the end of the hallway and take the door on the left (the right leads to the CREO Recording studio with Don Hackett). Follow the maintenance tunnel until you reach a room with a Security Bloodhound Robot. The node is on the wall on the left as you enter, near the ceiling. It opens the door on the opposite side of the entrance to the room.
      • Reward: Shortcut back to MEDBAY/Ops 
  • Project Resolve Center (Walk in the Park)

       After making it to the catwalk leading to the barred window, on the wall to the right of it, there is the node. If you turned on the power earlier, there will be a purple hologramm covering it, making spotting it more difficult. Activating it opens a hidden   door leading to a maintenance cabin containing a weapon.


Botecs Power Core Notes & Tips

  • Use can use this Power Core to let your Companion Drone open many doors in the game.
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