Angel of Death Gear

Operator Class

Angel of Death Gear is a DLC Gear Set in The Surge.


Angel of Death Gear Details

"A spine tingling highlight from Rischboter's Rogue Collection™. Designed to improve your kill quota, this equipment will help you strike fear into your enemies' hearts and make a strong, final statement to anyone who dares cross you. Finally, you can send meddlesome fools to the hunting grounds*.

*Happiness NOT guaranteed"


Angel of Death Gear Bonus

" Wearing a full set of Angel of Death gear grants emergency healing below 25% health. It's only usable once and refreshes after using a MedBay or First Aid Station."


Angel of Death Gear Pieces


Angel of Death Gear Location/Where To Find

DLC - The Good, The Bad and The Augmented

  • Drops from La Muerte Boss in Episode 2/4/6/8 without Modifiers.
  • Also drops from enemies in Episode 2/4/6/8 with Modifiers.
  • Head sometimes appears on some enemies without Modifiers.


Angel of Death Gear Tips & Notes

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