Adrenaline Shunt



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Energy Consumption


Adrenaline Shunt is an Implant in The Surge.


Adrenaline Shunt Details

Enhances the senses, making enemies seem to move more slowly.

"Standard equipment for the Personnel Response Force, who are called upon to address morale-based issues whenever they arise. If you observe a coworker disrupting the daily workflow through rabble-rousing or intentional sabotage of output quotas, you are required to lodge a notification - anonymously, of course! A team of friendly PRF representatives will be along directly to restore the cameraderie we're used to at CREO. ”



Adrenaline Shunt Location/ Where to find


Adrenaline Shunt Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      10 Aug 2017 23:46  

      So useful, it's a time slow not at time stop or bullet time. The slow is small but definitely noticeable such a tight combat system . Makes the heavy weapons a bit more viable against fast opponents. And can be used over and over because it doesn't stop you gaining energy while active. If you are having trouble with a fast or high stability opponent this can give you that edge you need. Haven't tested it in endgame bit mid game it's awesome just don't expect bullet time, that would be broken.

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