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ANGEL VI Zombie is a DLC Enemy in The Surge.


Zombie worker wearing the ANGEL VI Gear Set and wielding the CODENAME: Engelhart weapon. These workers have heavy-hitting attacks and can move quickly. They are located inside broken shuttles in the Abandoned Production Area. 



ANGEL VI Zombie Location

  • Location Respawn
    Abandoned Production (Beginning Area) Yes
    Abandoned Production (Main Assembly Line) Yes


ANGEL VI Zombie Drop

ANGEL VI Zombie Tips/Notes

  • These enemies can be farmed for Mk II components early in the game, allowing a full set of Mk II equipment before the first boss.
  • The CODENAME: Engelhart is the strongest of the weapons found before the first boss (higher total damage than the Volatile Spectre, though the Volatile Spectre does elemental damage)

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