A Girl's Necklace


Quest Item

A Girl's Necklace is a Quest Item in The Surge.


A Girl's Necklace Details

“It looks cheap, but someone seemed to have loved it dearly.  A small pink plastic heart dangles form the leaden necklace.  It opens with a soft pop, revealing a photo from happier times.  Alec smiles and a little girl clutches her chubby arms tightly around his neck.  She kisses his cheek and laughs.”




A Girl's Necklace Notes & Tips

  • Can be found by examining Maddy after you've raised the Ops elevator to level 3 in the Nucleus.
  • Return it to Alec Norris and confirm that she's dead, and Alec will give you a Vital Boost V.5

  • If you don't tell him that Maddy is dead (the "I don't know" option), Alec will cheer up, but won't give you the implant.


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