LYNX Zombie

LYNX Zombie Worker with Vibro-Cutter
Weakness Slash  / Thrust 

The LYNX Zombie Worker is an Enemy in The Surge.


LYNX Zombie Worker Information

Worker zombies equipped with the LYNX gear are a very common sight near the start of the game. They are slow, dumb, and easy to defeat.
Regardless of their equipment, all LYNX zombies use a slower version of the Single-Rigged weapon moveset.

LYNX zombies are equipped with either an ASTir SpectreBite or an ASTir Vibro-Cutter.


LYNX Zombie Worker Location


LYNX Zombie Worker Drop



LYNX Zombie Worker Tips/Notes

  • LYNX zombies are slow and clumsy with a much more sluggish moveset. Beware their ability to launch a leaping attack!
  • Many of the LYNX zombies you will encounter will be minding their own business or banging their head against a wall. Those that gesture at you when you get too close will leave you alone unless you stick around for too long or engage them.


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