Davey is an NPC in The Surge. 


Davey Location

  • You will first find Davey inside the Material Depot behind a locked door. Use the Overcharge power conduit next to the door to open it and head inside and speak with him.
  • He will appear in the nearby Operations Base after you die or reload. Speaking to him he will ask you to get his medicine for him.The Modaxinol Injector Implant is located in the Greenhouse Facility, which is much later in the game.
  • If you continue speaking with him as you advance you will start to see signs of withdrawl and he will implore you to find the Implant. If you give him the Modaxinol Injector he will give you a Vital Injection v.3 in return, but you will not be able to get this implant again.
  • If you give him the Implant he will start acting extremely strange and lose his mind. If you don't give it to him Davey will be found on the walkway between areas later in the game when the Security swarm the area, Warren will not take notice that one of the bodies is his.


Davey Drop

  • 200 scrap
  • ??



Davey Tips/Notes

  • ??
  • ??


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